Posted 4 May 2021 in 5G, News.

Logo of 5G Infrastructure Association

  • RHEA Group’s Christine Leurquin, Senior Advisor, European Institutions, has been elected to the Board of Europe’s 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA), focussing on implementation of the new Smart Networks and Services Partnership.
  • RHEA will help define the 5G IA’s research agenda, providing technical expertise including security by design and support for its European leadership activities in 5G and future 6G.

Europe’s 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) has elected Christine Leurquin, Senior Advisor, European Institutions at RHEA Group, as a member of its Governing Board for a term of two years. In this role, Christine will contribute to the shaping and implementation of the new Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Partnership, which will exist within the framework of the Horizon Europe funding programme, successor to Horizon 2020.

The 5G IA represents the private sector in the European Commission’s public-private partnership on 5G (5G-PPP), which was set up to accelerate research and innovation in 5G technology. The Association promotes and supports European industry in the development, deployment and evolution of 5G. It is now expanding its membership as it prepares for the SNS Partnership.

Christine Leurquin, Senior Advisor, European Institutions at RHEA Group, says: “The SNS Partnership will help to enable digital and green transitions in mobile communications, and has a key goal of supporting European actors to develop technology capacities needed for the 6G systems that will form the basis of future digital services. With our decades of experience in space and security, RHEA is in a good position to help the 5G IA make recommendations to the European Commission on how to strengthen future communications and support other aspects of its work. I am looking forward to helping the Association keep European industry at the forefront of digital services globally.”

Technologies such as 5G and 6G will underpin a wide range of applications, including connected automated mobility, eHealth and energy management. Data security will be a vital element of all such real-world applications. In addition, research and innovation will be key to competitiveness for both industry players and nations. Using its experience in space and system lifecycle security, RHEA will contribute expertise on security-by-design to European 5G and 6G initiatives, and help organizations to understand and assess risk and security issues. It will also contribute to a new space-based service to map the rollout of 5G networks and locate transmitters that should not exist.

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