Posted 3 February 2021 in Aviation, News, Security.
  • EUROCONTROL awards RHEA Group a contract to support its Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support (CAMOS) team within the Air traffic management surveillance tracker and server (ARTAS) programme.
  • RHEA will provide support services for ARTAS activities, including performance improvements, analyses, testing of new releases and participation in ARTAS User Group.

RHEA Group has recently been awarded a contract by EUROCONTROL to support its CAMOS team, which is responsible for all activities relating to the Air traffic management surveillance tracker and server programme (ARTAS). RHEA will provide a broad range of system engineering services related to ARTAS, including cybersecurity requirements.

EUROCONTROL is the pan-European, civil-military organization that supports the European aviation sector and has responsibility for making European skies safer, more efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable. The ARTAS programme is a Europe-wide, distributed surveillance data processing system that is capable of processing surveillance data reports from different technologies, such as classical radar, Mode-S, WAM and ADS. It provides system users with the best real-time air traffic data at the highest possible level of accuracy and reliability.

Based at EUROCONTROL’s headquarters in Belgium, the RHEA team will provide support services for the CAMOS team, with an emphasis on ARTAS performance improvements, lifecycle of components and cybersecurity. RHEA will help EUROCONTROL to analyze and improve cybersecurity for ARTAS, identifying weaknesses through penetration testing, collecting security alerts and analyzing the impact on ARTAS as well as interactions with other relevant EUROCONTROL Network Manager projects. Further activities under this contract include analyzing and improving the infrastructure used to develop and test future ARTAS releases.

Pascal Rogiest, RHEA Group’s Chief European Institutions Officer, said, “This is an important and strategic contract for the trusted relationship between RHEA and EUROCONTROL. We are delighted to be able to support EUROCONTROL’s CAMOS team and to help boost the provision of ARTAS surveillance system services to the 41 Member States. RHEA brings a wealth of experience in concurrent design, security by design and cybersecurity capabilities, which we are confident will help increase the efficiency and success of the ARTAS programme. We look forward to providing the highest level of service to EUROCONTROL and the CAMOS team.”

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