Posted 17 August 2021 in News, Security.
  • RHEA Group has signed a framework contract with the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) for its Ad-hoc Cybersecurity Assistance Mechanism, created to support EU Member States against cybersecurity cross-border incidents and crises.
  • RHEA has been awarded its first contract under this framework agreement for Lot 1, Guidelines for a Cyber Assistance Mechanism, to produce associated guidelines for all related stakeholders.

RHEA Group has signed a framework contract with ENISA for provision of Support Services for the Ad-hoc Cybersecurity Assistance Mechanism.

ENISA is developing an operational mechanism to provide advice to all Member States and associated parties in relation to specific cyber threats, and to assist in the assessment of an incident, facilitate how they are handled technically and support communications when such events occur. The framework contract provides successful organizations with the opportunity to bid for individual work packages within the scope of the framework.

ENISA was established in 2004 and plays a key role in contributing to EU cyber policy. Its remit was strengthened by the EU Cybersecurity Act, which came into force in 2019 and has been applied in full across the EU from June 2021. The Agency’s aim is to help prepare Europe for the cyber threats of tomorrow and achieve a common level of cybersecurity across Europe. Among its activities are sharing knowledge, building capacity, raising awareness and promoting trust in ICT products, services and processes through cybersecurity certification schemes.

RHEA has been awarded its first contract under the framework contract, for Lot 1, Guidelines for a Cybersecurity Assistance Mechanism. This includes researching and preparing the guidelines, taking into account ENISA and stakeholder feedback.

Pascal Rogiest, RHEA’s Chief European Institutions Officer and Managing Director for RHEA System Luxembourg, said, “RHEA is delighted to be working with ENISA and be part of this important framework contract. Securing networks and information systems in Europe is identified as a priority objective to keep the EU online economy functional and secure. Failure to do so could have far-reaching consequences for all EU citizens, as well as threatening trust in industry and public administrations alike.

“We are also looking forward to working more closely with our subcontractors, CS Services and Athens Technology Centre. Together we provide a unique team to deliver the expert services required for this framework contract.”

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