Federal Government Industrial Security in Canada

We don’t just assess you on requirements; we help you to meet them.

Our industrial security experts support you every step of the way to obtain your Government of Canada certification.

Protected Information
Protected information
We support your projects involving access to Protected information or assets under the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) Contact Security Program.
Controlled goods
Controlled Goods Program
We help you facilitate the approval process for possessing, examining and transferring controlled Goods in Canada under the PSPC Controlled Program.
us/canada certification
US/Canada Joint Certification Program
We prepare Canadian organizations to bid and work on contracts involving controlled military critical technical data in Canada and the United States.

Receive training, certification and support

Without the necessary certifications, firms are prohibited from bidding on Government contracts, programs, and projects, as well as from accessing certain types of sensitive information, data and assets. We understand the Government’s seemingly complex requirements for obtaining industrial security certifications and guide you through the process.

Our experienced industrial security experts are able to provide company-specific advice, knowledge and recommendations on how to identify and prioritize essential tasks, and explain how to avoid the challenges and pitfalls that may unnecessarily delay Government industrial security approvals.


We understand the Government's requirements

Our experts are experienced in industrial security and possess the knowledge to help you understand and interpret the government’s complex requirements for obtaining the following certifications:

  • Facility Security Clearance (FSC)
  • Designated Organization Screening (DOS)
  • Personnel Security screenings for Key Senior Officials and employees
  • Controlled Goods Registration
  • US/Canada Joint Certification
  • COMSEC approval
  • Document Safeguarding Capability (DSC) approval
  • Information Technology Security (ITS) processing approval
Government of Canada

Five steps for obtaining your certification

Companies have greater success of expediting Government industrial security approvals when they:

  • Identify and understand all of the requirements  and gates imposed by Government
  • Understand and have the right knowledge on how meet government security requirements
  • Know how to deal with Government officials, who to contact and when to contact them for quick traction and resolution of possible issues
  • Submit the right documentation at the right time in the right sequence, on the right systems and to the right people, without delay and error free
  • Prepare well in advance for government on-site inspections by having the necessary measures already in place at the time of inspection
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