Quality RGB

30 years

We have extensive heritage in space and security solutions and services.

Global RGB

11 countries

Our teams work across 13 RHEA offices and at multiple client locations.

People RGB

600 employees

Our growing team of over 600 employees deliver excellence on every project.

Our space heritage

Perfected and extended during 30 years in the space sector, our services extend right across space infrastructure and satellite applications.

Image: © ESA/NASA

Night view of Earth from space specifically featuring Italy with city lights and the universe behind Earth reflecting RHEA Group's capabilities in space engineering. ©ESA/NASA

Security by design

Our security solutions are designed to be effective, add value and deliver positive results. Each one is compliant, efficient and financially responsible.

How can we help?

Whatever challenges or opportunities you are facing in space, security or systems engineering lifecycle, talk to our experts about how we can help.

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