AI and ML solutions for space, critical infrastructure and defence

Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) experts provide solutions for clients in space, critical infrastructure and defence. They collaborate with teams across RHEA, including space ground segment, data processing and downstream services, digital engineering and security, to customize, tune and integrate AI and ML in a broad range of projects and applications.

RHEA’s AI and ML experts have worked closely with teams across the European Space Agency (ESA), including the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) and the European Space Research Institute (ESRIN).

Caption: Cutting-edge AI algorithms can enhance the resolution and detail of images like never before. Here the original Copernicus Sentinel-2 image at 10 metres resolution per pixel has been upscaled to 2.5 metres, providing sharper details and improving the information.

Earth observation image before AI super resolution has been applied Earth observation image after AI super resolution has been applied
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Collaborative solutions

Our experts collaborate to deliver new and enhanced solutions across space, security and system engineering

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Faster decision-making

We apply AI and ML so you can analyze data, extract information and make decisions faster and more effective

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Trustworthy AI

Our solutions for automation and autonomy are designed to be fit for mission-critical systems and critical infrastructure

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Supporting innovation

New and improved ways of working enabled by AI and ML allow your teams to innovate and add value to your organization

Earth observation and data analysis

Our experts combine AI and machine learning with data processing, analytics and downstream capabilities to deliver precise decisional information and handle ever-growing data streams. We can provide customized solutions for handling segregated (classified) data and information, and supporting disruptive business models.

Our experts have purpose-built tools to prototype AI and ML solutions for Earth observation (EO), giving you the confidence they will work as required.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our AI team contributed its expertise to ESA’s Rapid Action on COVID-19 and EO (RACE) platform, now called Rapid Action for Citizens with EO.

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Satellite earth observation image with improvements from using artificial intelligence
ground station antennas for ground segment operations

Space ground systems

AI and ML are transforming space ground segment operations by enabling high automation and autonomy, letting operations staff focus on value-added engineering tasks.

RHEA’s unique combination of expertise in AI and ML, cybersecurity and space systems lets us provide services and solutions that are highly automated, end-to-end secure and cloud native, and support autonomous decision-making.

We work closely with ESA in support of the Agency’s activities around its Artificial Intelligence for Automation (A2I) roadmap for AI in mission operations and mission planning. Projects undertaken for ESA include AI4OPS (Ground Segment Operations Automation Using Artificial Intelligence), providing a ‘platform as a service’ to internal ESOC projects.

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AI and ML are elevating cybersecurity, providing automation that lets systems react or learn by themselves, and innovative solutions to protect against the escalating volume and complexity of cyber threats. This can provide rapid insights, speeding response times, and support security operations where resources are limited.

RHEA’s cybersecurity and AI experts work together to develop tailored solutions that take account of all legislative and advisory requirements, such as the NIS2 (Network and Information Security) Directive.

We are applying AI to cyber threat intelligence (CTI) processing in the Dynamic Risk Assessment Method (DYNAMO) platform for critical infrastructure sectors, a Horizon Europe project. This involves advanced AI-based analysis and correlation.

RHEA’s cybersecurity services and solutions

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Engineers working on a concurrent design project

Digital engineering

We apply AI to help engineers to come up with better solutions faster. Our AI and digital engineering experts collaborate to support ESA with AI development, including:

  • AI for Model-Based System Engineering (AI4MBSE) – A ‘generative concurrent design’ project. We developed AI to analyze combinations of the building blocks and parameters produced by stakeholders to produce multiple new design versions of a complex system. The team chooses which AI variant solutions to work with and refines them manually. They can then run further computational analysis to produce new optimized options.
  • AI-Powered Digital Assistant for Space System Engineering – Enhances the development of new space systems by providing an automated system to identify potentially beneficial information in existing knowledge resources, such as digital models and reports from earlier projects.

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