Security for every part of your business

RHEA System S.A. has been providing security services for over 10 years and our experts have decades of experience. We offer an unrivalled range of security solutions to support you from inception to implementation.

  • Physical and infrastructure protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security programme management, governance and oversight

Security by design

Everything we do incorporates security by design. Our security products, processes and services all focus on securing your organization from the start and providing secure systems throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Integrate security as standard into new/existing software and IT systems and solutions.
  • Incorporate and maintain operational security from design and development to delivery and ongoing support.


We provide resilience against cyberattacks and unplanned events. Our security operations centres provide 24/7 protection, while our Next Generation Cyber-Range Services help with planning and training.

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Security Management

We provide services across the whole cybersecurity and physical security lifecycle, including training. Our experts can help you understand your organization’s risk profile and define your desired security posture, and plan and prepare for incidents.

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Physical Security Technology

If your buildings are not adequately protected, your staff and your physical and intellectual property are at risk. We can help you maximize the physical security of existing facilities and new buildings with cost-effective custom solutions.

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Boost your security team with our experts

Gain a high-performing dedicated security specialist without incurring the costs of a permanent employee. Hire our professionals to address temporary shortfalls, respond to peak demands or access required skills and experience. We can provide virtual information security (vInfoSec) specialists or a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO).

Compliant with national and international standards including GDPR, NIST, ISO27000 and PIPEDA; appropriate security clearances

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