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Expert support

Our security teams are led by specialists with decades of experience and you’ll receive ongoing support from our highly skilled experts.

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Trusted globally

We have been providing cybersecurity services to government departments and organizations on two continents for over 10 years and have clients in multiple sectors.

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Next generation technologies

Our cyber-range and SOC services are based on our advanced CITEF™ and rapidPHIRE™ platforms, for the best combination of top-class performance and ease-of-use.

Next Generation Cyber-Range Services

Our Next Generation Cyber-Range Services enable you to prepare fully for cyberattacks. Test your cybersecurity response plans and train your teams using our advanced emulation platform.

Suitable for all sectors including critical infrastructure and heavy industrials, large enterprises and government agencies, and education.

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RHEA Group's Next Generation Cyber-Range Services enable you to prepare for cyberattacks

Security Operations Centres

Our security operations centre (SOC) services use advanced technologies to protect your network, endpoints and cloud environment. Our managed SOC services let you focus on your business while our cybersecurity experts keep watch. Or we can deliver a dedicated in-house SOC for your own class-leading cyber defence capability.

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