Managed security (SOC) services

Our managed SOC services offer a full range of prevention, detection and response support. They are based on our context-aware rapidPHIRE® technology and administered by our top-flight security analysts.

Bespoke in-house security operations centres

RHEA can deliver a dedicated in-house SOC to provide you with your own class-leading cyber defence capability. We will design a bespoke SOC that offers the prevention, detection and response support you require, using our cybersecurity network traffic analysis platform – rapidPHIRE®. We will also train your team to exploit its extensive feature set for your protection.

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The latest cybersecurity technology

Based on our context-aware rapidPHIRE® technology.

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Global threat hunting

We detect threats that have gained access to your network, either bypassing perimeter security defences or through insecure internal activities, no matter where they come from.

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Dedicated in-house SOC for critical infrastructure

Protect your critical infrastructure with an in-house secure operations centre, tailored to your exact requirements, and with full training and support.

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360° view

We monitor your web, network, endpoints and public cloud environment from one platform.

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24/7 support

We monitor your entire environment for suspicious or malicious behaviour around the clock.

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Fixed pricing

Focus on your business and save money with fixed, predictable pricing.

Find out about our SOC services

For bespoke or managed SOC services, speak to our experts and find out how we can make your organization more resilient against cyberattacks.

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