Threat and risk assessments (TRA)

Our skilled TRA analysts can identify the threats, risks and vulnerabilities to your information, programmes, systems, services and/or physical spaces through interviews, manual tools and automated processes.

  • Detailed reports highlight how and where to reduce or accept risks
  • Access expert support to implement required security changes.
Digital coding and cybersecurity with hands, laptop and phone

Strategic planning

Strategic security planning including a departmental security plan (DSP) fully compliant with government/commercial requirements:

  • Integrated view of organizational security requirements
  • Identification of security threats, risks and vulnerabilities to determine an appropriate set of control objectives
  • Minimum/additional controls to achieve an acceptable level of residual risk
  • Strategies, objectives, priorities and timelines to improve your security.

Strategic audits

Understand your corporate security position through a neutral strategic audit carried out by our experienced, security experts.

Security design briefs

Ensure all security requirements identified during risk assessments and audits are addressed with a clear, comprehensive security design brief (SDB).

Concepts of operation

Support the implementation of cyber and physical security programmes with a concepts of operation (COO, CONOPS) document for all relevant stakeholders.

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