Cybersecurity training

Delivered using our leading Next Generation Cyber-Range, so your teams can learn using the same environment used by professionals to tackle cyber threats and manage cyberattacks. All courses are customized to match your organization’s operating environment.

  • Cybersecurity for programmes and projects
  • Hands-on cyber awareness
  • Cyber first respondent
  • Applied incident response and forensics investigation
  • Blue/red team exercise
  • Bespoke courses

Course details

Harassment prevention

Tailored training taking into account national legislation. Can be provided as a proactive measure or as part of a disciplinary process.

Security awareness

Ensure your teams are fully aware of the security requirements and measures in place at your organization, to underpin your security position.

Classified information

Our course on ‘Classification, protection, transportation and destruction of classified information’ is vital for any organization holding or sharing classified data and materials.

Bespoke training

Created in collaboration with you, from content design to development and delivery, to target your needs, such as mission-critical applications, operations technologies and industrial systems security.

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