Hands-On Cyber Awareness

A cyber-risk awareness course, customized for your operational environment. Give your team hands-on experience of how to handle cyber-risk by learning in a real-life simulation environment.

  • Prerequisites – None
  • Duration – 16 hours across 2 days
  • Attendance limit – 20 people

Who is this for

This course is suitable for personnel at any level, from higher management to entry-level staff. The ideal training team has a mix of students with different backgrounds, from different levels of the decision-making hierarchy, who work at different locations and/or within different departments. These varied viewpoints and experiences will foster discussions about:

  • The role of the individual versus the role of the organization.
  • Current security practices and how they could be improved.
  • The constraints different stakeholders have to deal with.
  • How these impact information security of your organization’s operations.

What attendees will learn

  • How to actively contribute towards protecting the security of your organization.
  • How to identify and deal with typical security threats by experiencing a hands-on approach to actively tackling these situations in an emulated environment.

For each scenario a link will be made to the corresponding sections of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, as well as your organization’s security regulations and directives.

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Cyber First Responder

Learn how to identify potential cyber incidents and contribute to incident response.

  • Prerequisites – Participants should have good knowledge of Windows system configuration, networking protocols and basic Linux commands
  • Duration – 24 hours over 3 days
  • Attendance limit – 20 people

Who is this for?

The course is designed for technically oriented personnel from different disciplines who are not necessarily involved in systems management; for example, members of technical development teams, software developers, system engineers, system administrators, system operators and operations managers.

What attendees will learn

  • Incident management and forensics.
  • Methods to detect and recognize events that may indicate a cyberattack incident as early as possible.
  • Appropriate reactions to a possible incident that avoid destroying any evidence that may be relevant to future forensic analysis.

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Applied Incident Response Forensic Investigation Training

Learn how to analyze incidents in depth and propose measures to prevent similar events occurring in future.

  • Prerequisites – Participants should have good knowledge of Windows system configuration, networking protocols and basic Linux commands
  • Duration – 40 hours over 5 days
  • Attendance limit – 20 people

Who is this for?

The course is primarily for people working in systems support functions or supporting applications who may be called upon when there is a suspected incident. This course will teach the skills necessary to quickly identify a cyber-incident and react appropriately while correctly preparing for a forensic analysis.

What attendees will learn

  • In-depth understanding of concepts related to cyber incident management and forensics in order to contribute to detailed analysis of a cyber incident.
  • Ability to assess damage, define indicators of compromise, or propose system/software measures to prevent similar events occurring.

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Cybersecurity for Programmes and Projects

Master the risk management practices and security controls to be applied from the early stages of project delivery.

  • Prerequisites – Participants should have a basic understanding of project management processes and project-oriented risk assessment. Knowledge of project development and delivery lifecycle concept is also helpful.
  • Duration – 16 hours over 2 days
  • Attendance limit – 20 people

Who is this for?

The course is designed for programme and project planners. It focuses on the need to consider security requirements from the early stages of design and how integrated, targeted security controls can result in an appropriately secured and resilient outcome for a given cost. Students will have the opportunity to see how the methodology is implemented and the advantages of a security-by-design approach utilizing efficient tools.

What attendees will learn

  • Understand the benefits of a security-by-design approach from the early design phases.
  • Risk management best-practices and how to select the appropriate security controls to mitigate risks according to the needs of your specific programmes or projects.

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Blue / Red Team Cyber Exercise

Learn to defend your organization from real-time attacks in the safety of a virtual environment.

  • Prerequisites – Participants should have good knowledge of intrusion detection, incident response and forensics concepts. Hands-on experience in Windows and Linux systems at an intermediate level is also required.
  • Duration – 40 hours over 5 days
  • Attendance limit – 8 people

Who is this for?

The course is for technical personnel who would like to enhance their capabilities for incident handling by allowing them to practice their skills and organizational procedures during real-time events. It provides lifelike experiences in incident response and forensics investigation using real-time attacks in the advanced emulation environment of RHEA’s Next Generation Cyber-Range to help prepare students for real-life events.

What attendees will learn

  • Defend your network under the stress of response timing.
  • Attacks are executed in real time and you need to act fast. Use tools and procedures introduced during the first day to achieve an effective defence to minimize the attack impact.
  • The hands-on labs and one-day dry run of the scenario will help you prepare for the ‘big battle’. Are you ready?

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Learn from experienced practitioners

Our courses are run by expert cybersecurity specialists with international experience.

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Designed for ESA

Created by the team who designed the curriculum for the European Space Agency Cyber-Range project.

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Train in a real-life emulation

We train using our advanced Cyber-Range emulation platform, customized to match your organization’s environment.

About our courses

Each course has been carefully designed by experienced cybersecurity professionals to enable your staff to address growing cyber risks, both from external cyberattacks and cyber threats from within your own organization. When you book, we then customize the course for your organization, so you can see the threats you face and understand exactly how to respond.

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ESA Centre in Redu, Belgium

Where we train

We deliver our courses at our dedicated training facility based at the European Space Agency’s European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC) in Redu, Belgium. This is designed to accommodate up to 20 people, with workstations for each trainee. We can also run our courses anywhere that has suitable equipment available for all trainees in a single physical location.

From the team who designed ESA's curriculum

Our cybersecurity training programme uses a virtual environment for hands-on training, developed from our experience delivering the European Space Agency (ESA) Cyber-Range, with courses created by the team who designed the ESA curriculum. Now your organization can benefit from the same advanced training environment and the experience of our cybersecurity experts.

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Enhance your cybersecurity resilience

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