Space science services

Instrumentation and software strategy design, development, testing and validation
Operations design, planning, testing and execution
Mission scheduling and financial management
Post-operations archiving

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Our scientists and engineers work alongside the most reputable institutions, covering the full lifecycle of any mission

Research and engineering for ESA

The European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Madrid, Spain, is home to ESA’s astrophysics and planetary missions and the place where science operations are conducted. There, RHEA’s staff have supported ESA’s science missions including:

  • Initial mission design and concept of operations 
  • Instrumentation design 
  • Translation of data from the satellite’s instruments into usable data products 
  • Data archiving for the international scientific community 


Snapshot of our work

Relive the moment BepiColombo passed near Earth

Our engineers in Spain generated a 360-degree virtual reality flyby simulation of a manoeuvre performed by ESA’s Mercury-bound BepiColombo spacecraft, taking you on a trip past Earth at a distance of only 12,700km!


Space missions

RHEA has been involved in numerous space science missions including: Proba, Planck, Soho, Ulysses, Solar Orbiter, BepiColumbo, Mars Express, Rosetta, Gaia, LISA and LISA Pathfinder, XMM-Newton, Euclid, Plato and Cheops.

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