Space Systems Engineering

Our heritage lies in space systems engineering. We provide our clients with the best engineers, unrivalled expertise and the unique capabilities required for their programmes and missions. 

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Systems engineering at RHEA Group
RHEA Group engineers can help customers prepare and operate spacecraft and ground segments for any mission.

Ground Segment Operations

A successful space mission requires careful preparation of all operations procedures and data. Ground systems, including mission control, planning and automation systems, have to be first-rate.

Our engineers can help customers prepare and operate spacecraft and ground segments for any mission. 

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Space Security

We assist space organizations with their security programmes, ensuring their infrastructure, missions and applications are resilient. This includes our suite of cybersecurity products and services that help protect them against cyberattacks. 

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RHEA Group assists space organizations with the security of their infrastructure, missions and applications, neusring they are resilient against cyberattacks.

Concurrent Design

We have been helping organizations apply concurrent design and engineering practices for over a decade. For complex systems, this saves money, accelerates schedules and provides improved outcomes for customers and end-users.   

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End-to-end satellite support

Our staff help design, build and maintain satellites, provide flight dynamics, mission control and operations at satellite operations centres and ground stations, and deliver secure infrastructure to protect satellite data.

Over 350 space systems engineers

Our 350 space systems engineers have been embedded in some of the most complex space projects, working within our clients’ organizations so that they are on-hand for each step of a mission.

Over 100 spacecraft use MOIS

Our MOIS tool suite has been used by manufacturers and operators to support testing and/or mission operations preparation and automation for over 100 spacecraft across 20 years.

Main image: ©ESA-P. Carril

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