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30 years in space

30 years’ heritage in ground systems and mission operations.

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Sector-wide services

Tailored support for both established and New Space companies

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Scalable support

Full mission ground systems or individual ground segment elements.

Artist's impression of the proposed CO2M air quality monitoring Copernicus mission, with RHEA involvement. © ESA/ATG medialab

Decades of experience

The ground segment is a vital partner to any space mission. It lets you operate the spacecraft, receive and process the data it generates and deliver the data and/or services to end-users.

We have 30 years’ heritage in mission operations and ground system engineering for a wide variety of customers and mission types including Earth observation, communications, scientific, navigation and space exploration. We specialise in supporting both New Space and established space companies to set up their operations infrastructure and/or to introduce new ground segment technologies to their environment.

Image © ESA/ATG medialab

Comprehensive, flexible services

We offer complete mission ground segment or individual ground segment elements, including:

  • mission control and automation
  • mission planning
  • operations preparation
  • data processing and dissemination
  • data archiving.

These may be deployed on customer servers or in a public or private cloud, and integrated with a range of ground station providers.

Ground segment operations
Astroscale ELSA-d mission - copyright Astroscale

Astroscale ELSA-d mission support

We were commissioned by Astroscale to develop the mission preparation, mission control and automation systems for its first mission: End-of-Life Service by Astroscale demonstrator (ELSA-d). This was launched in March 2021.

Our team adapted and configured existing, proven ground segment technologies to support the mission. These can be reused at low cost for future ELSA missions.

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Image © Astroscale

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