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Full lifecycle services

End-to-end mission operations support, from concept to spacecraft disposal

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Over 120 missions

From CubeSats to constellations through to large, complex satellites

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Mission optimization

Our MOIS Next Generation tool suite can be used to optimize the full procedure lifecycle

Comprehensive operational support

Spacecraft and payload operations are essential to any space mission. They require in-depth technical expertise concerning the spacecraft, great teamwork and the ability to work under pressure.

Our mission operations experts will support your team with:

  • operations concept development
  • mission preparation, validation and training activities
  • launch and early orbit phase, and in-orbit operations
  • end-of-life disposal.

RHEA’s experienced engineers can:

  • provide operations engineering and support
  • plan and oversee operations activities
  • assess and report on the spacecraft health
  • handle spacecraft anomalies, devising fixes and workarounds to keep the spacecraft and its payload operating.
LISA Pathfinder in low Earth orbit. Image copyright: ESA/ATG medialab

Making your mission successful

We have supported the preparations, testing and operations of over 120 spacecraft worldwide, including:

  • CubeSat class missions
  • Complex science spacecraft
  • Earth observation and communications satellites
  • Multi-satellite constellations.

Image: LISA Pathfinder © ESA/ATG medialab

MOIS – Tool suite for full procedure lifecycle

Our MOIS (Manufacturing and Operations Information System) tool suite is used by spacecraft manufacturers and operators worldwide to optimize the processes of spacecraft validation, mission operations preparation and mission operations. The latest version – MOIS Next Generation (MOIS-NG) – incorporates and supports new technologies being developed around mission operations.

  • Used for over 120 missions including Rosetta, Galileo and EDRS (see MOIS case studies)
  • Continually developed for over 20 years.

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Main image and this image: © ESA / J. Mai

Mission team at ESA's ESOC operations centre © ESA / J. Mai
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MOIS has been very useful for automating the routine activities of the Rosetta spacecraft.

Sylvain Lodiot, Rosetta Spacecraft Operations Manager, European Space Agency

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