Protection for digital infrastructure

Cyberattacks on space activities are escalating. Our focus is on protecting the digital infrastructure used to connect space information systems, particularly those linking ground control stations with satellites.

  • Protection measures for every stage of satellite communications architecture, including ground/control, space and user segments
  • Solutions tailored for the information exchange requirements of each segment.

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Cyber tools, services and training

Our range of space services and solutions exploit our combined experience in space and security and are based on a security-by-design approach. They include:

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Trusted by national and multinational agencies

We provide security engineering services and support to leading projects and facilities across the world.


ESA’s Cyber-Range at Redu, Belgium

Located within ESA’s European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC) – the first such project for space systems and operations.

ESA’s Cyber Security Centre of Excellence at ESEC

The Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (CSCE) is located at ESEC in Redu, Belgium, enabling cybersecurity technologies for space.

NATO’s Cyber Information and Incident Coordination System

The largest-ever multinational cyber collaboration platform to exchange critical cyber information and promote a collective defence approach to cyber security.

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