Full lifecycle engineering

We provide full lifecycle engineering solutions and services for complex programmes including critical infrastructure sectors. We also deliver dedicated services and specific functions or subsystems.

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One-stop shop

We provide a 'one-stop shop' partnership for digital engineering, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), ground segment solutions and security services, or any combination.

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High quality for critical systems

We deliver the highest quality in secure design, development, testing, roll-out, training, operations and maintenance for business-critical systems.

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Delivering innovation

We enable customers to realise innovative new products, services and solutions more quickly, more accurately and at lower cost.

Space sector
Critical infrastructure
Factories & industrial

Concurrent Design

We have been helping organizations apply concurrent design and engineering practices for over a decade. For complex systems, this saves money, accelerates schedules and provides improved outcomes for customers and end-users. 

  • Reduce the duration of feasibility studies by a factor of four.
  • Reduce the cost of complex system designs by a factor of two.

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Big Data & Analytics

We deliver data-rich products and services with our comprehensive expertise in big data and analytics.

We have helped convert data from some of the 8,000-plus satellites launched to-date into functional datasets. This information is now used by researchers, scientists, organizations and private companies in applications as varied as drought and flood mitigation and Europe-wide data preservation and archiving.

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Ground Segment Operations

We provide end-to-end ground segment operations solutions for institutional and commercial space customers. Our solutions include the MOIS (Manufacturing and Operations Information System) tool suite, which is used to optimize the processes of spacecraft validation, mission operations preparation and mission operations:

  • Used for over 100 missions
  • Continually developed for over 20 years.

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Our System Engineering and Security Services teams work to inspire and actively help our customers to innovate and be leaders in their fields.

Arne Matthyssen, Chief Solutions and Innovations Officer

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