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Data management

We provide big data management services and solutions.

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Data-driven software design

We make tailored software solutions for informed decision-making.

Data management technology

Data management

A robust data management strategy is imperative for organizations as assets are becoming intangible. A data management strategy will allow you to address the activity of users and administrators, evaluate the capabilities of data management technologies and assess regulatory requirements. It also allows you to evaluate the need of your organization to obtain value from the data while ensuring it is done securely, respecting privacy and regulations.

Data-driven software design

Your organization is unique and so is the data you produce. We help you bridge the gap between the data management tools available in the market today and your unique requirements. We deliver tailored data management software fit to reduce manual error and increase automated behaviour for more informed decision-making.

Data-driven software design

Converting 60 years of satellite data into usable datasets

Our experts work on major programmes that convert data collected from satellites over the last 60 years into datasets accessible by researchers, scientists and businesses. We have a wealth of expertise in using big data and analytics to support data-rich decisions.

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Drought and Flood Mitigation Service


Our Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS) project provides a suite of information products that will allow decision-makers in Uganda to mitigate the impacts of droughts and floods and take better-informed agriculture, environmental and water management decisions.

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Data management

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We support the first phase of the Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments (ARCHIVER) project – a hybrid, end-to-end archival and preservation service to meet the innovation challenges of European research communities. Read the ARCHIVER story.

Our staff are also involved in the development, maintenance and support of the Rosetta archives, providing long-term access to the data, fostering scientific discovery. Read the Rosetta case study.

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