Concurrent Design and Engineering

A powerful design methodology for the early phases of multidisciplinary projects

Engineering of complex systems like spacecraft, ships and factories requires collaboration between many different stakeholders and the ability to share and exchange engineering models, designs, data and documents. Our approach helps you save money, accelerate schedules and provide better outcomes for your customers and end-users.

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Partnerships Partners RGB

Connect your teams

Efficiently run your engineering design projects by connecting teams and streamlining processes in near-real time.

Concurrent Design RGB

In-house methodology

Our methodology involves taking advantage of our in-house concurrent design platform CDP4® - perfectly adapted to space and other sector requirements.

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Optimize costs and manage risks

Optimize costs and risks by managing all engineering models and data in one place.

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Option 1

Concurrent design collaborative sessions

Our approach is based on creative concurrent design sessions in which multidisciplinary teams come together in partnership with the final customer to discuss all aspects of a complex product or system design, then work concurrently to produce the designs, led by RHEA’s concurrent design team.

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Option 2

Concurrent Design Platform (CDP4®)

Two versions of CDP4 software are available to match your organization’s requirements:

  • Enterprise Edition – Get support from RHEA experts for demanding projects.
  • Community Edition – Open source offers exceptionally low barrier to entry, with access to the source code and desktop application.

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Concurrent Design for a wide range of industries

Concurrent design and engineering originates in the space industry, where it is routinely used by ESA. Its functionality holds opportunities for many other sectors. RHEA has already applied it to a wide range of projects including defence systems, factory design and luxury yachts.

Governance RGBReduce time by 75%

Reduce the duration of feasibility studies by a factor of four.

Finance RGBReduce cost by 50%

Reduce the cost of complex system designs by a factor of two.

RHEA Group releases new version of CDP4 Concurrent Design Platform

The RHEA Group development team has released a new version of CDP4®, our next generation concurrent design platform. This release contains a new core component, along with important updates for the existing CDP4 Desktop Application and CDP4 Server.

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RHEA’s Common Information Platform (CIP) technology was developed for ESA to complement CDP4.

  • Enables exchange of requirements and engineering models to support design reviews
  • No need for access to the tools used to create the models and avoids converting models to PDF or other document formats.

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