MBSE – the future of system engineering

System engineering facilitates the definition, design, build and verification of any system for its entire lifecycle, across all disciplines and throughout the supply chain. Now you can reap further benefits by replacing your document-centric approach with model-based system engineering (MBSE).

Our experts can support your organization with an initial evaluation of MBSE and then at all stages of implementation and application.

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A typical engineering project can involve hundreds of stakeholders across months, sometimes years, each generating numerous documents that may require multiple revisions. By replacing those documents with digital models, MBSE provides:

  • Digital continuity – lifetime access to all data, with no need to copy data between documents
  • Simplified processes
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Greater transparency in design choices
  • Improved communication between stakeholders within and across companies.
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Implement MBSE your way

MBSE enables you use the best tools and languages for every task at every step of the way, such as Capella and SysML, by providing all necessary translation between them. Every project is different, so our teams will work with you to set up what you need to exchange data between tools and stakeholders. This includes building dedicated tools where needed.

By keeping your models up to date, you can ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest information. At the same time, you can limit access to ensure the security of your data and intellectual property.

MBSE for space

Our experts have extensive experience of MBSE within the space sector, including projects for the European Space Agency (ESA):

  • MARVL – Model-Based Requirements Verification Lifecycle project: included development of the Common Information Platform (CIP) software tool to support exchange of requirements, design and verification information
  • Digital Engineering Hub Pathfinder – Development of an MBSE hub for the early phases of space digital engineering projects
  • MBSE Hub – Development of a virtualized central hub to streamline the design and execution of space projects, building on CIP to provide semantic interoperability between multiple stakeholders and their tools.
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Concurrent design

Our concurrent design services provide collaborative MBSE for the early stages of multidisciplinary projects. Complex systems such as spacecraft, ships and factories require collaboration between many stakeholders and the ability to share and exchange engineering models and data. Our approach helps you save money, accelerate schedules and provide better outcomes for your customers and end-users.

We have worked closely with ESA on concurrent engineering for space projects for many years and have also applied it to diverse projects including defence systems, factory design and luxury yachts.

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