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RHEA Group security solutions address the evolving nature of security threats by providing full coverage throughout the implementation lifecycle, leaving your organization free to operate and optimize its resources.

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The method behind the strongest protection

Threats are real. Sabotage, acts of terrorism, and cyber-attacks are menacing our security, our life, our companies, and our institutions. These threats are evolving as attackers refine their skills to find more effective ways to take advantage of security gaps in common defenses of systems and organizations.

RHEA Group has developed a security method to secure the most advanced, complex organizations and critical infrastructure.

Discover the four packages of our revolutionary security solution.

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of companies have experienced an attempted or a successful data theft by insiders.
It costs more than half a million USD to recover from a security breach.
Out of business
of businesses that lose data from a disaster and are forced to shut down within 2 years.

Hire a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with a Unique Security Risk Understanding

What makes the CISO essential to an organization is that they do not operate the systems but instead monitor the security posture over all operations of the company.

Hire a full-time CISO or receive the support and leadership of a CISO consultant on demand. Find out the solution that best addresses your business needs.

“We chose to work with RHEA Group because we would be able to leverage their experience and expertise.”
Manisha Parmar, Senior Scientist
NCI Agency Cybersecurity Service Line

Leading the First Cyber-Range for Space Systems and Operations

RHEA Group is leading the first cybersecurity-range project for space systems and operations at the European Space Agency Centre in Redu, Belgium. Dynamics include:

  • Delivering a specialized space-assets cyber-emulation environment.
  • Actively training experts in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Securing space assets research, development, and testing.
  • Developing secure software engineering practices for ESA.
ESA's Redu Centre
“The ESA cyber-range will be used to equip spacecraft operators and other technical staff to recognize and respond to cyber security incidents.”
Douglas Wiemer
RHEA Group's Director, Cybersecurity Solutions

Delivering a Strategic Departmental Security Plan for the Supreme Court of Canada

RHEA Group is developing a strategic Departmental Security Plan (DSP), according to the requirements of the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada. Facets include:

  • Synthesis, compartmentalization, and consolidation of security threat and risk information.
  • Identifying security priorities, initiatives, issues, gaps, and concerns.
  • Delivering a security plan and developing recommendations and key performance indicators.
Supreme Court of Canada
“The leadership provided by RHEA Group was essential to the PANOPTESEC project success.”
Hervé Debar, Head of the Networks and Telecommunication Services Department
Telecom SudParis

PANOPTESEC: A Decision Support System for Critical Infrastructure Protection

PANOPTESEC provides an advanced decision support system that addresses the challenges of critical infrastructure protection. Features include:

  • Developing software components for system integration, network inventory processing, vulnerability processing, network scanning, and policy deployment.
  • Delivering complex cyber-emulation environments.
  • Leading solution demonstrations, including active simulation of multi-stage attack scenarios.
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